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ai NeoN is a top down shooter where the main character can't attack but he can mind control the enemies. We also made it an homage to Space Invaders(since the theme was it's not a bug, it's a feature) where everytime an enemy dies the speed of the game increases.

To play you must be using a controller. You can customize button inputs when you launch the game but default it's x to shoot the mind control bullet. If the bullet hits an enemy you are now playing as them. Once you are the enemy you have 3 options. You can press x again and that will kill the enemy and take you back to the main character, you can press y to shoot a slow but heavily damaging bullet, or you can press b to shoot a fast but less damaging bullet. The goal is to get to the green portal to get to the next level as the main guy. The game is able to be played as a pacifist if you're patient/skilled enough or if you want you can just mind control/kill them off immediatley or you could go around as the enemies and take everyone out, if it says error that just means you can't shoot at that time.

Known bugs: The HP (the number in the top right) doesn't update, but it will use whatever the current health of the enemy that you just mind controlled was. If you shoot the mind control bullets really quickly they tend to not mind control the enemy, this is apparently because only the last shot mind control bullet is active. If you notice any other bugs feel free to point them out.


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